Regulation Thermometry



Thermometry is a painless, gentle and non-invasive screening technique that aims to identify health from disease and provide direction for diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Thermometry is able to detect the very onset of functional changes throughout the body. Reasons for having a thermometry test:

  • Ongoing health problems
  • Undiagnosed symptoms
  • Peace of mind
  • As a valuable adjunct to mammography, lab tests, MRI and EAV testing.

What happens during a test?
Information is collected from over 100 points on the body. Various body tissues and organs are analysed by measuring skin temperature using the infrared sensor. This gathering of information is performed during and after a brief cooling period which acts as a mild stimulus to the body. This requires the bodys autonomic nervous system to appropriately control the temperature change. It is the efficiency of this process that can give us the insight into the functioning health of various systems in the body. It is analysed and compared with ideal values that have been derived from over 30 years of use in over 500 medical centres worldwide.