Cranial Osteopathy

The body structures rely on the constant involuntary motion produced by the bio-rhythms to stay healthy. When we experience physical or emotional stress our body tissues tend to tighten up causing areas of stagnation and congestion.

The constant ebb and flow which is present in the tissues of the body, which is secondary to our breathing rhythm, heartbeat and the movement of other body fluids is constantly working to keep us in balance.

The early osteopaths described this bio-rhythmic movement as “the physician within”. It is possible for your practitioner to feel these gentle rhythmic movements by placing his or her hands gently on the body, especially on the cranium (head) and sacrum (tail bone). This is why we call this area of our work cranio-sacral osteopathy.

If the rhythmic movements of the body are restricted, it is possible to establish the pattern of disruption which is present within the tissues. The body then needs only the gentlest encouragement to normalise. This treatment is used commonly in the treatment of babies and children.