Testimonials and Health Quotes

R Hoddinott

I would like to thank you all at the Atman clinic for such incredible care. From being told by a Dr I would always have to endure pain due to degenerative disc disease I can now live a comfortable and mobile lifestyle. I had suffered with back pain for a few years and despite trying many different types of treatment I seemed doomed to constant pain. I decided to visit the clinic as a final attempt at some relief, it was truly the best decision I have made. Since starting treatment initially  I am now able to have free movement without fear of relapse. I can now take part in exercise again and manage every day activities completely pain free. I only need a top up treatment every few months which is amazing. All the staff are so friendly and helpful, the atmosphere is calming and instils a sense of wellbeing as soon as one arrives. Such a professional, enthusiastic approach, it’s really refreshing.  

Shelly B

‘When my first child had a traumatic birth my mum paid for me to go to the Atman Clinic. My son was a screaming wreck after forceps had bruised his face. I didn't think it'd do much but it was worth a try as my son was clearly bruised, had head aches and bad neck. After 6 sessions he was a different child, falling asleep instead of screaming his way through sessions. It wasn't easy but it was well worth it! I'm taking him back for a check up now he's 6 months on. Would definitely recommend to anyone.’

Sophie P

‘You really are in safe hands here, literally. Geoff and his team have been looking after my family for more than 10 years. You really feel cared for. So lucky to have you close by’.